About Blue Kayak Galápagos

Blue Kayak is a project that involves many things we are passionate about: learning, environmental conservation, and sports. With the authorization of the Galapagos National Park, the Blue Kayak project, operated by the company Galápagos Ecuadoors, seeks to involve more and more people in aquatic adventures in the bay of Puerto Ayora. In this way, it also aims to generate an impact primarily on the educational and environmental aspects of the program's audience.

Since the beginning of its activities, Blue Kayak has invited both local and foreign audiences to be part of this route, as it not only has great potential for spotting marine and terrestrial life but also includes sites of unique peace and tranquility in the area.

The journey begins on a beach surrounded by mangroves, which are home to many species of reef fish and juvenile sharks, demonstrating that from the start, there is an opportunity to observe abundant marine life. The ecosystem in this area maintains suitable conditions for the development of various species. It is common to find juvenile sharks, rays, and iguanas swimming nearby.

Within the route, there is a shallow channel where marine turtles feed peacefully, and reef life can be observed among the rocks. In this area, the best conditions are sought to place the kayaks and also explore underwater life in a colorful snorkeling session.

Several points in the mangrove can be explored, where there are nests of seabirds such as herons, pelicans, and seagulls. Additionally, there is the opportunity to witness the show provided by blue-footed boobies, occasionally coordinating their flight for hunting.

Tropic birds, frigate birds, and lava gulls can be easily seen at Punta Estrada, a stone wall where these species have found the perfect place to build their nests.


We take responsibility for leading a safe and enjoyable activity for everyone. That's why we have the appropriate equipment and staff to ensure the utmost comfort during the experience.

We support organizations working on conservation and addressing the significant challenges of sustainability crises. We provide all the necessary support for explorers to witness firsthand the efforts made on the islands to keep wildlife out of harm.

We are proud collaborating with different tourism agencies that trust us and join their more explorers into this program. With our preparation and proper treatment for people of all ages, we prioritize comfort and adventure.

Educational Outreach: Increase educational initiatives by organizing workshops and informative sessions on marine life, conservation, and the importance of sustainable tourism practices for participants.

Community Engagement: Foster community involvement by collaborating with local schools, businesses, and residents to promote a sense of responsibility and ownership in the preservation of the natural beauty of the area.

Research Collaboration: Establish partnerships with scientific institutions to contribute to ongoing research on marine ecosystems, gathering valuable data during kayak excursions that can aid in conservation efforts.

Plastic-Free Initiative: Implement and promote a plastic-free policy during kayak tours, encouraging participants to minimize single-use plastic consumption and actively participate in beach clean-up activities.

Cultural Awareness: Integrate cultural elements into the program by offering insights into the history and traditions of the local communities, creating a well-rounded experience that highlights the interconnectedness of culture and the environment.

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